The Bureau of Technical Services Division

Here to support all private investigators. We are your forensic crime lab division serving Wisconsin and the nation. With a click and a phone call, you now have a full line of forensic services to offer your clients.

Don't trust the state labs without question. We are the second source for forensic evidence.

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Oldest Investigative agency in Wisconsin
world wide rapid response covert surveillance operations
Wisconsin Minnesota private forensic lab
Wisconsin Scientific forensic laboratory support
Wisconsin TSCM technical surveillance counter measures
Undercover operations technical support Wisconsin
Wisconsin forensic reconstruction
Covert video installlation support
Producing Wisconsin court exhibits to demonstrate
Forensiclab investigative support
Wisconsin environmental testing
Wisconsin largest inventory of investigative equipment
Wisconsin TSCM technical surveillance counter measures debugging
Technical support for Wisconsin investigators
Undercover operations worldwide
questionable Document analysis Wisconsin
Produce and present evidence for court
Covert video installation for difficult cases
crime lab support for defense investigators
Environmental testing Hot loud gas light air weight
Private Forensic lab Wisconsin Minnesota
Forensic comparison lab Wisconsin
Wisconsin Forensic video lab
Wisconsin Forensic Audio lab
Wisconsin crime scene evidence documentation
Computer forensics Wisconsin Investigator
Remote portable forensic Hard drive copy Wisconsin
Spectral Analysis forensic lab Wisconsin
Trace lab forensic analysis Wisconsin
Forensic comparison hair fiber bullistics
Wisconsin video forensics clean up see more
forensic Audio sound identification Wisconsin
Crime scene response and evidence collection Wisconsin
Computer forensics file recovery Wisconsin Minnesota
In field hard drive capture Wisconsin
Spectral Analysis Lab for material comparison
Trace analysis blood seman fiber hair
3d Animation forensic demonstration Wisconsin Court
3D Animation impacts court and jury
Analyze the mechanics of the incident for testimony
3D animation of room or many city blocks for court presentation
Recreate human motion in exact detail
3D animation of internal body
Recreate an accident in 3D in accurate physical laws
3D animation reenactment for court presentations
3D animation for court presentation reenactment reconstruction
3D animation of a single room or city block
Animation of human activitites Wisconsin
Scientific analysis of evidence Forensics
Using physics and energy force analysis
Technical support for Wisconsin Investigators
Surveillance equipment rental to Wisconsin investigators
Long range video camera for wisconsin investigators
Largest inventory of surveillance equipment
Advanced equipment
TSCM sweep support for professional Wisconsin investigators
Audio enhancement for court presntations
Video equipment for court presentation
Surveillance equipment rental for Wisconsin Investigators
long range video person at 2 miles
Custom and stock equipment for Wisconsin investigator support
Advanced surveillance equipment
Wisconsin tscm equipment support
Audio Enhancement and noise reduction Wisconsin
Wisconsin production of Video presentations for court