Headquartered in Chippewa Falls, WI and Eau Claire, WI, and Serves all Wisconsin and Minnesota. Knight Hawk Investigations is the oldest Private Investigation Agency in Northern Wisconsin we have the experience to handle all your criminal, civil and domestic cases.

Full Service Investigations: Surveillance, Interviews, Records

But we don't stop there. Bureau Of Technical Services is the only
Private Crime Lab in Wisconsin. We service nationwide.
No other agency understands or has the background to double check the forensic evidence processed by the state labs.

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Wisconsin only private forensic lab for defense attorneys
Oldest most experienced investigative agency in Northern Wisconsin
Rapid response teams for TSCM and covert video
Presntations that show what is needed no more no less
3D animation for Wisconsin Minnesota court presentation
Testing and measuring the contributing factors to an incident
3D animation showing exactly the needed detail to support testimony
3D animation for defense presentations in Wisconsin courts
3D animation demonstrating the third party influence on an incident
Animation demonstrating only the amount of motion needed to show the event
Indoor influences to the event shown by 3D animation
animate outdoor scenes traffic people vegitation buildings
Animation for anatomy demonstrations
Wisconsin 3D animation reenactment court presentations
Testing and measuring incident elements to support or discredit testimony
Wisconsin 3D animation incident accident reenactment
Show elements that effected the incident for Wisconsin court presentations
3D animation in the needed detail for court presentation
Analyze support testimony by scene evaluation
3D animation showing all the outdoor detail needed to tell the story
Wisconsin forensic lab 3D Anatomy
Supporting testimony by scientific analysis
Wisconsin private forensic lab for defense
Validate the authenticity of procecution evidence
Trace evidence presentation Wisconsin courts
Was evidence collected and preserved correctly
Contaminated evidence Wisconsin courts
Produce slide and video presentations for Defense Wisconsin courts
crime scene review for Wisconsin defense
Wisconsin court exhibits construction and presentation
Tool marking identification Wisconsin court exhibits
Crime scene control and evidence collection
Exhibit preparation for Wisconsin court presentation
Forensic tool mark identifcation
Independent lab evidence validation
Producing presentation techniques for trace evidence in Wiconsin courts
Police CSI crime scene performance review
Slide shows production for Wisconsin court presentations
Was the evidence collected and preserved correctly
Private forensic lab for defense attorneys
Forensic video enhancement for defense Minnesota Wisconsin
Computer forensics for defense Wisconsin Minnesota
Independent evidence processing for defense attorneys
Questionabl document lab for defense Wisconsin
Comparison lab for defense
Wisconsin Trace lab for defense
Audio enhancement lab Wisconsin Minnesota defense
Independent forensic evidence evaluation and processing
questionable documents analysis Wisconsin
Wisconsin forensic comparison lab trace analysis
Wisconsin private forensic lab identifying trace samples
Audio enhancement forensics Wisconsin
Video evidence enhancement
Wisconsin Minnesota Computer forensics
Expert witness for forensic evidence Wisconsin court
Physical evidence is more important that eye witness
Wisconsin expert witness for court testimony
Audio evidence presentations for Wisconsin courts
Audio video presentations produced for Wisconsin courts
Expert witness explaining process to Wisconsin courts
produce scientific evidence presentations to courts
show the physic and forces needed to result in the incident
3D animation the most powerful tool in court
Locating the perfect expert witness for Wisconsin court testimony
Wisconsin crime scene chain of evidence analysis
Portable systems for audio evidence presentation in Wisconsin court
Audio video presentation portable equipment for Wisconsin courts
Explain the forensic and scientific evidence in wisconsin courts
Construct organize demonstrations and exhibits for Wisconsin court presentation
Analyze Mechanics and physics of an event
3D animation best for supporting testimony