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Chippewa Valley, St Croix Valley, Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Northern Wisconsin corporations are self contained civilizations. There is no one thing that cures, it takes flexability and resources to manage the risks that threaten the bottom line. You may not want to take the problem to law enforcement, the insurance company or, for that matter, even the board until more is known.

Tactical Surveillance is the only private investigation agency in Wisconsin that is equipped to investigate the problem, formulate a solution, recover losses and recommend changes to protect against further problems.

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Wisconsin Chippewa Falls Eau Claire Criminal Civil investigation
High performance strike teams to work your location

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Tactical Surveillance Inc. provides intellectual property protection, inventory and employee theft, Threat assessment, preventative design, and workers compensation investigation.

Technical Sopport for Investigators
`Investigative and forensic services for Law Offices
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Investigative and forensic services for domestic cases
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Intellectual Property Protection
Employee theft
Forensic and equipment manufacture
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Debugging tscm
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White collar investigations and recovery
Employee theft and recovery
Expectation of privacy laws
Covert equipment
Advanced trained technicians
Investigation Wisconsin northern
Proven strategies and techniques
Forensic experts
Employee thft Inventory Intellectual property
expectation of privacy laws
Covert video corporate security
Security camera system design
Corporate investigation
Electronic trackers Corporate theft
Computer forensics file recovery
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Security system design
Perimeter control
Indoor traffic control
Envirnmental testing and evidence gathering
Technical Surveillance countermeasure TSCM debugging
Communication security antiwiretapping
Professional experienced sweep teams TSCM
Dynamic security testing moch break ins
Video security design solution
Effective security camera system design
Internal Traffic pattern design security
environmental testing Chippewa Investigator
TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures experts
Communication Security tscm
Wisconsin Nothern debugging tscm
Dynamic security testing perimeter intrusion Chippewa Investigator
Oldest investigation agency in Northern Wisconsin
Worker compensation investigation
Most advance techniques in workers comp investigations
Corporations investigating before insurance companies
Reduce costs with investigation
30 years in surveillance techniques
Advanced datbases for investigation support
Forensic lab for video and audio evidence
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Wisconsin Chippewa Eau Claire insurance investigations
Wisconsin workers compensation investigation surveillance
Job specific tools effective fast conclusions
Most advanced investigative technology
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